Hymn Reflection– If You But Trust in God to Guide You

If you but trust in God to guide you
and place your confidence in Him,
you’ll find Him always there beside you
to give you hope and strength within;
for those who trust God’s changeless love
build on the rock that will not move.

Only be still and wait His pleasure
in cheerful hope with heart content.
He fills your needs to fullest measure
with what discerning love has sent;
doubt not our inmost wants are known
to Him who chose us for His own.

Sing, pray, and keep His ways unswerving,
offer your service faithfully,
and trust His word; though undeserving,
you’ll find His promise true to be.
God never will forsake in need
the soul that trusts in Him indeed.

I don’t feel I need to say much. I find so many times the songs that stand out to me are just what my heart’s cry is. So just read these words and listen to them. Let them soak in. You know I’m struggling more physically and we are still waiting on God to guide us to the next step. It’s becoming unbearable. But God is good. There is communicating going on. Will update when there is a decision made. Hopefully you can find rest and trust in Jesus tonight. Blessings.


Photos taken by James Staddon. To learn more about him and his photography please visit www.lenspiration.com.

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