June 2023 – Mexico Trip part 1

Guest post from Elizabeth A.

Amarisโ€™ symptoms have been worsening this year. In May, she showed her parents the website for a clinic in Mexico that specializes in treating patients with Lyme disease and co-infections. In June, Amaris and her mom had a phone consultation with the doctor there. After that consultation, they corresponded much with his office staff, completed necessary tests, and made necessary travel arrangements.

The doctor is discovering in Amaris existing diseases that other doctors have not diagnosed. His team also cross-checked all of the medications Amaris is on to see where they were conflicting with each other and with her diet, and are actually causing problems.

Flying into Mexico June 26, 2023
We were relieved to have survived the long day of travel and to be reunited with each other after having been on separate planes for the second leg of the journey. We were only missing one suitcase, which was delivered the next day.
View from our apartment’s front porch
On Tuesday morning we spotted a beautiful rainbow through the tiny bathroom window.
Tuesday morning in our apartment
Our landlord gave us rides to and from the clinic the first day. We are grateful for his kindness.
Waiting for labs at the clinic laboratory
One of the clinic receptionists met us down there and showed us to the 3rd and 4th floors of the clinic.
Waiting for our meeting with Dr – snacking in the 3rd floor breakroom
Notice all of our baggage! We had to get drinking water for home, so we had our empty water jug along.
Filling out a stack of paperwork
Consultation with Dr Morales
After multiple needle pricks (attempts to find a vein), finally the first IV was started in Amaris’ elbow.
Anita and I ordered a yummy and nourishing meal from a street restaurant, which she ate there, and I took back to the clinic to eat and be close to Amaris.
After supper, Anita went shopping at a great big supermarket across the street and down a little from the clinic. I met up with her for check-out and carrying things back to the clinic.
View from our back patio
Wednesday morning we cooked up a storm while Amaris got some much needed rest after a night of nausea.
The clinic building from across the street – her treatments are on the top floor.
Reception/waiting area at the surgery center where she got her port installed on Thursday afternoon
In the patient room before the surgery
Before the surgery
Prepared for transport to the surgery room
A sweaty day calls for frozen coconut/mango treats (with white chocolate coating)
Blokus with a new friend while Amaris rested beside us in the same room after her surgery
X-rays after the port installation surgery
Yep, it’s in correctly. ๐Ÿ™‚
Park across the street from the surgery center
The sign for the surgery center and looking up that street
Cobblestone street to our apartment building (shown behind)
There’s a parking garage under (which was helpful the first day we brought home groceries). Every day since, we use the ramp and gate shown on the left of the picture and walk through the courtyard to the elevator and take that up to 3rd floor where our apartment is.
Courtyard beauty
Beside the elevator
Walk from our elevator to our apartment
View from front door
Amaris’ main nurse – Vanessa – on the right, setting her up for treatment
Friday – set up for IV’s
Anita and I walked to a pharmacy and then a 2-story grocery store
Upstairs of the store – so many options in each category
The blue medicine Amaris is on
A storm rolling in (view from our back balcony again)
Every day we ride the elevator at the apartment building and another elevator at the clinic
Saturday Amaris had a short treatment.
After we got home from the treatment (and picking up water on the way home), we settled Amaris in for a nap. Then Anita and I trudged through the rain, splish-splash on the sidewalk and in the street (as necessary) to get to the laundry mat, where our bags of laundry were weighed and left for cleaning–pick up 48 hours later.
It was way more adventurous than this looks.
The humps and ruts that cause our Uber drivers grief — right by the apartment
More apartment courtyard beauty
Someone gave Amaris this small book for her birthday, and it has been a real blessing to all three of us as we read/sing/pray out of it as part of our worship time together each day.
Sunset view from our front door
Sunday worship together – watching Faith Community Chapel service, which was really a blessing
Sunday evening – east (from back patio)
Sunday evening – west (from front porch)

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