June 2023 โ€“ Mexico Trip part 2

Guest post from Elizabeth A.

(Photos from several days.)

Beautiful flower in the apartment courtyard
The ramp we ascend/descend daily from the apartment courtyard to the street where our rides pick us up.
Sights of Puerto Vallarta
Street view when we’re almost to the clinic.
Our landlord (blue) and the clinic security guard (white) have been such a blessing to us. We thank God for every helper and pray they see Jesus in us each day.
When we step off the elevator at the clinic (4th floor, where the clinic is).
Amaris with morning doctor, Dr. Augustine

You know it’s going to be a “good” day when the doctor comes in and says, “We’re going to do this and this and thisโ€ฆ And your nausea is going to get worse still, and you’re going to feel dizzy, and your heart will race.” (Said with compassion of course.)
Morning nurse Natalia getting Amaris set up
We appreciate how careful all of the nurses are.
Another day, same scene. Daily opening of the port to start IVs.
Nurse Natalia with Amaris
Visiting with Daddy and Pearl — great medicine for the start of her day.
Amaris with Heather, a survivor who has been where Amaris is, and was even in worse condition. Her story gave us all great hope, and her empathy, encouragement, and tender touch meant SO MUCH. She also offered practical ideas to help towards healing.
Amaris with Elizabeth A
Elizabeth A with Anita
Consultation with Dr. Omar the day of her blood transfusion (July 5)
With afternoon doctor, Dr. Lizbeth, “very present help”.
Amaris’ afternoon nurse, Vanessa, who reminds us of her sister Abigail in Mongolia.
Amaris’ blood donor, nurse Joseph. When we thanked him, he said he had given “With all my heart!”
Signing off on a day’s treatments at the end of the day
Removing some of her blood temporarily… Some serum was mixed with a “cocktail” of stuff to make a custom vaccine that she is to receive every week.
Lymphatic massage treatment, lady’s name like Rosalie!
Getting set up for bio-life treatment. This is also the same bed where the infrared treatment happens.
Ozone treatment… Ozone flows into her ears through the “stethoscope”-looking device and then another method into her nose. In background, Darlene Reimer (long i),here with 3 daughters and husband. They have been an invaluable help learning our way around and emotional support for Mommy.

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