May 2023

April 27 the Midwest March for Life.
They said Shawn Carney had the best speech. He is the leader of 40 days for Life.
Sunday visit with Jed’s and Little Tanner
Pearl loves to take the children to the park and have a picnic.
Kari’s 5th birthday. Grandma made the kitty cake her favorite color.
One of Kari’s gift was sugar cookie dough and cookie cutters so they did that one morning.
Pearl often spends a night every week with little Tanner so Jed’s can have a break.
Little Tanner is stable at present but waiting for a MRI so they can determine the next steps on his recovery.
Walking to the Mail box.
Saturday evening picnic.
Special for Sunday morning.
Levi loves helping Ezra do dishes. Uncle Ezra is his favorite.
Piano recital for 3 of the Bradford children. Jonathan.
First strawberry’s of the season.
Little Tanner was so happy to have a sucker.
Waiting for his brother and sister to arrive.
He loved his sun catchers. He thought they were to eat.
Reading time with Mommy.
Kari loves the little puppies.
The young men took a 2 day hike. They took a wrong turn and stumbled on these beautiful views.
Because of so much rain they had to hide under a pavilion but it was flooded too.
Bunches of eggs from the extra chickens Daddy just got.
Mother’s Day service at Grandma Morley’s.
Granddaughters and daughters made the “breakfast” for lunch.
The 4 moms.
Grandma’s Mother’s Day present.
Candace did this craft with the children at the hospital.
Daddy mowing Jed’s lawn.
Levi’s favorite place… The sandbox.
Fun at the Park. Kari can do the bars by herself now she says.
Tanner had a rough day and didn’t fall asleep till his daddy took him outside.
Poor Tanner is having a rough time getting back on feeds.
Great Grandma reading to the grandchildren.
Out on a walk to gather flowers.
Working on a possible church for the Missouri folks.
New little fawn just born.
Trying a fresh strawberry.
Pearl gave Jed and Rosalie a break for their anniversary.
Homemade sourdough doughnuts.
Finally able to enjoy a popsicle.
Trying strawberry yogurt.
Pearl and Ezra are watching me while my Mommy has a baby.
He’s been happy and talkative.
Naomi Grace Morley 6lbs 13oz 19 1/2 inches born at 7:11pm May 30th

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  1. Faith Blowers

    Just viewed all these pictures and loved them! Makes me wish we could visit all of you! Keep up the good work you all are dong and looking up to Jesus. Love to all, Aunt Faith for us


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