My Mexico Trip #1 — Days 1-4

I still can’t believe that I am in Mexico! My mind hasn’t wrapped itself around it I guess. I never thought that I would spend the spring down in Mexico. My life has taken a very different direction this year than I ever thought it would go but God has been very faithful to me and I praise Him that He knows what He is doing.  God worked it out so that my Mom and I could travel to Mexico to a clinic called Dr Contreras Clinic. I have been struggling with physical health issues off and on for the last 4 years and finally it became necessary to find a doctor that would take my case up because we had spent a lot of money with no results. SO let me tell you the story of my time here in Mexico. It will take several posts so keep tuned!


We girls got this material in Guatemala a couple years ago and finally had gotten them sewed and I wanted pictures to remember my  sister and “sisters” by so we decided to take some photos. Ezra graciously took them for us.


On Tuesday April 24, we purchased one way tickets to San Diego, California for Thursday, April 26th.  Our destination is Tijuana, Mexico. It was quite a hectic time because of a very short time to prepare.

We left home at 1:30 Thursday morning to travel to Philadelphia International Airport. We arrived in good time and said our farewells. We certainly will miss the family. Pearl was left to take care of the two guys at home.  I was privileged to be able to get a wheelchair which took us to the front of the lines.  It saved my energy and legs from the long standing in lines and the walk to the gate.

Sitting waiting for push back….



Landing in San Diego….


We arrived in San Diego and I had a wheel chair again and we went and got our luggage. The driver was supposed to be at luggage claim with a sign with my name but he wasn’t there. So we found a seat and just was getting ready to call the clinic when they called and said the driver was there but couldn’t find a parking spot so please go stand by the curb and he would pick us up. We didn’t have to wait long thankfully. The van was really cool and quiet and it was a relief to be in out of the bustle of airports.

Scenes of Mexico…..


The clinic Courtyard. It is surrounded by a wall and when you come in here it is so beautiful and peaceful.





These first days have been full of running to get different tests done. The first day I came fasting for the blood work and abdominal ultrasound. I had chest x-rays done also. The second day was a full physical exam and talking with the doctor and then was sent to a neurologist to help with figuring out the blacking out problem. The third day which was Saturday I had a sleep deprived EEG which is a test of brain activity to see if there was any seizure activity. The next blog post I hope to share more about the medical part of it!:) Hopefully we will know more by then.

Now for a tour of our apartment…. There are three rooms in each apartment with a double bed in each. One room has a private bathroom  and the other two share a bathroom. Then everyone in the apartment shares the kitchen and living area. There are 4 floors in every building and there are 4 buildings. We have the room with the private bathroom. There is another couple here but they are in the hospital right now with the man having needed a surgery. So the last couple nights we have had it to ourselves but they are to come back tonight.

This is the living area with the front door there….


This is what you see as you walk in the door…. The flowers are for the guy that is  coming home from the hospital. Some of the people here bought them groceries and flowers.


The kitchen….


Laundry room in the hall….





This is my favorite seat. It reclines….My horses keep me company…:)


I don’t think anyone needs to guess who I miss the most….


The three letters from my sisters and pictures and Bible journal are daily used and read!:)


This is what Mommy keeps busy with when we don’t have any where to go. I don’t have much energy to do much yet but hope to do more crocheting and coloring and reading done!:)


Today is Sunday and I am grateful for the day to just rest. We had church together with all the Mennonites here. It is mostly plain people here seeking medical help. The Amish usually get together on Sunday and the Mennonites together. It was a good service! We were invited to join them for a meal together in which everyone pitched in. It was good to sit out in the sun and enjoy lunch together. We are getting to know some of the people around here. Everyone here is very nice and I think we will enjoy our time here.

Well, I think I will close this off now. We will see you next time!

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