Work Trip and New Swing

Daddy gave Mommy a two person wooden swing for her engagement gift. They shipped it to Mongolia in a container and it is still there. For their 24th anniversary, Ezra decided that we needed to make another one for here! So with the help of those at Railside Furnishing he started a several week project! Here are pictures from the beginning to end.


The beginning drawings!





Finished product with the couple that are the proud owners now!


Some of our relatives who live in Wellsboro needed some help with getting things ready for the winter. Anyway a delegation from here went up to help for a day. They cleaned out flowerbeds, cut down bushes, and other various chores. I was not along but I am documenting their trip.:)



I am just adding a couple random pictures here on the end. They decided to go out for a treat! Oh, the summer joys!


While Aunt Iva’s were here a couple weeks ago everyone went on a long walk. They really wanted me to go along also and so the guys and girls took turns pulling me in the wagon. I was well padded with pillows. I enjoyed being out with everyone. It was really refreshing. Anyway when I got back I was very nauseated and didn’t feel like walking back into the house. So my bros kindly offered to carry me in. I am scared of heights so it took a bit to get used to but they were very careful. So grateful for loving family and friends.


My friend Kari painted this for me a couple months ago when I had a sunshine box to open while my cousins and family were in Honduras and Africa. It will be forever one of my treasured pictures.

Sorry for the poor quality pictures. I get pictures from different people so they always aren’t the best. I have actually now gotten a used phone but it has a great camera so I hope to have better pictures in following blogs. I want to try to do this more often so that you all can keep up with our lives better. I enjoy doing it. The biggest problem will be to get the pictures but I will make Pearl do some of that.;) I hope you enjoy these blogs as much as I like making them. It is a easy brain job.:) See ya soon!



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