Egg Hill Service


Sunday Morning service out in the air for the Sunday of Sept. 30. Uncle Gabriel has been going to a little church up in the mountains for 15 years. It’s a little church that is not used but once a year when they open up the shutters and have a service. For about 3 years our whole church has participated in that service. We usually gather at the Burkholders for our morning service then have lunch together and head up to Egg Hill.

Ray and Rhoda Wenger from NC were here to hold a 5 day meetings at church so he spoke on Sunday morning.


Talking before lunch.






After lunch a long line of vehicles wound their way to Egg Hill Church. Lots of people come for nostalgic reasons but we hope they went away with a songsย  and God’s words ringing in their hearts. The youth choir sang 3 songs and Uncle Craig’s played 2 songs on violin and cello.index1.jpg

Uncle Gabriel led the service.


It was a full church with some spilling outside. As usual I am just documenting as I was lying out in the van.:) But the music was beautiful!

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