Monthly News– 12/1/18


The wonderful fall beauties. God has created such lovely scenes for us to see! Thank you God for the beautiful creation you made.


Pearl got Coral out the other day and worked a bit with her. She is growing up very fast.


My little Coral.


First time for a saddle…. She didn’t fuss a bit. They called me out to see and I was so surprised how well she was doing. Everyone has done such a good job with her. Without all their help she wouldn’t be this calm. All the hard work of different ones working with her while she was a baby is now paying off. I couldn’t have done it without the help of Daddy, Pearl, David and Tom Burkholder. I owe you all a lot!


Wood chopping and gathering is in full swing. We use a lot of wood with this outdoor furnace.


Uncle Fain’s and us both had a steer to butcher. So we helped each other out. Trying out the new grinder and bagger.




Vacuum sealing the stew meat.


Our old recliner was broken so Daddy found this one in the paper. Lo and behold when they got there they had 2 recliners and he got them for $10 for both. One went to Uncle Fain’s and the other I have claimed. It is very comfortable. Even Frosty likes it.:)


Sunday afternoon and lunch at our friend’s place. The guys were counting up coins that we are collecting for friends who are adopting.


A couple of them just did up the dishes also which was really nice of them.


We girls even got a game of blokus in.


Ezra was left with taking care of the cinnamon rolls after his sister went to work. He says it was stressful.:)


This is what happen when you ask your brother to take a picture for you and it was on selfie mode.:)


The gorgeous snow. I think we got around 8 inches.


Our Christmas outfits. Candace did a really good job. This was taken after our first program.

Thanks for joining in on our monthly post. I hope you enjoy!


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