March News


We had puppies born this month. Such cute little scottie poos.


My little Frosty had two little puppies. One didn’t make it but we have one sweet little darling. It is only 4 1/2 inches long and so tiny. I love it so much. So perfectly formed.:)


Sunday dinner with family.


Pearl got to babysit Wayatt for one day.



Little Easton is such a cutie.


Poor Wayatt couldn’t stay awake any longer.:)


Matching gals.


Practicing for Spring Concerts.


2019-03-20 14.01.36

Ezra was asked to take photographs for a wedding so he bought some extra gear and set it up to see what it all looked like.


Jed’s sister-in-law Julie got married and Ezra was the photographer.


Splitting logs…



Stuffing newsletters. Many hands make light work.

2019-03-15 17.04.32

Hauling away junk from the old homestead. Selling Grandpa Blowers house and many hours of work clearing out and moving everything.

2019-04-01 13.49.51

Many hours of fire burning also….

2019-03-30 10.30.06

We were needing some better housing for dogs with puppies so Daddy went on Craig’s list and found this cute little house that has 2 separate houses. Very nice and just what we have been needing. Unloading it was quite the experience. But they finally made it!

2019-03-30 10.47.36

First they tried the skid loader but it kept slipping on the soft ground and making muddy tracks.

2019-03-30 13.02.02

So they used this fancy machine to put it in its final resting place. Daddy is really liking this new little house.


I hope you enjoyed seeing all about our month. This quote really spoke to me so I will leave you with those thoughts. Blessings.

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