Memories #4–Family Photos

Please join me on a journey through our family pictures. I hope you enjoy the memories as much as I am.


Year 2000 Mongolia


Mommy had a tradition of wearing her wedding dress every anniversary.


2005 Mongolia


2006 Mongolia


2007 Mongolia

This one was taken in our yard on the wood pile with the tall mountains in the background.


2008 USA

July 2008.JPG

July 2008

We came back on furlough in 2008. These were our outfits for our mission services.


2009 Mongolia


2011 Mongolia

After we had left Mongolia after the homes were closed we were able to go back for several months.


2013 Estonia

We lived in Estonia for two winters to help our Uncle’s family with schooling.


2015 USA

Ezra’s graduation from High School.


2015 Mexico

Trip to help our friend Aaron Griggs in Mexico. Helped with building his church and Mommy and Daddy made that sign for the church.


2015 Guatemala

We had gone for a 2 week trip to Guatemala to help with projects, conduct 2 VBS and do bell concerts.

July 2015.jpg

2015 Curwensville PA

Last photo taken there in Curwensville. Our fire was in Feb 2016 after which we moved down to Mifflinburg.

December 2016.jpg

2016 Mifflinburg PA

Last family picture with Jed before he was married.


2018 West Virginia

We had gone down to have the baby shower for Rosalie.

May 8 2018.jpg

2018 West Virginia

First family photo for Jed and Rosalie and Little Kari.

December 6 2018.jpg

2018 Mifflinburg PA

First Christmas photo as a family of 8!

I am so extremely grateful for this family of mine. We have been through many things together. My fondest memories are of time spent together as missionaries, traveling, settling in US and now doing bell programs together. I thank God for such a wonderful heritage. We were brought up on the mission field and I am so grateful for that experience. Dear family, I love you all dearly. May we have many more years to spend doing things together.

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