Memories #6- Four Cousins/sisters

Today’s post will be dedicated to Candace, Pearl and Tasha. We are just like sisters. I hope you enjoy this journey through the past few years with me.

March 2014

We found matching jackets on sale.

May 2014

After our Easter program at church. Acting out Bible characters.

2015– matching tiered skirts.

Matching dresses with material from Africa.


These girls were my biggest supporters throughout nursing school. And Tasha was the best buddy to go to school with.

April, 2018
October 2018
December 2018

Our first Christmas program was finished. Crystal is another wonderful friend. She has stayed 2 years with us while at college and we are looking forward to her being here again.

May 2019

More matching dresses with material from Africa. Our spring program dresses.

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