Kari Rose #16

I love spending time with Daddy.
Oh, how I enjoy helping Mommy wash baby Levi.
See, I can skip rocks too Daddy.
I’m not quite sure how I like this big plastic guy.
Please don’t tickle me Daddy.
I sure love my baby brother.
Taking a little walk with Daddy after lunch.
Don’t you love my big grin and my ponytails?
Oh, Daddy are you sure about that? I just can’t believe it.
I beg to go on pic pics (picnics). So Mommy took us to where Daddy was working.
Pic pics are my favorite.
We came to visit Grandma for her birthday. I sure enjoyed being with them.
I wanted to color so Mommy kindly is helping me.

~Thanks to technology and my phone for typing for me. ~

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