June News

One last visit to our Wellsboro relatives (Uncle Dave and Aunt Faith, Aunt Elaine,
and Cousins Deb and Steve and Elizabeth) before the big move to MO.
Fun fact: This is the same town Mommy and Daddy got their engagement picture taken.
Pearl had a fun game night with Uncle Gabriel’s children before the move to MO. Ticket-to-Ride is one of our new favorite games!
Coral’s first time in the livestock trailer that took her out to MO.
Lots and lots of banana boxes needed for moving!
The big moving day – June 10th. We were so grateful for all the guys (and gals) that came to help!
Most of the indoor (and outdoor) plants went in the back of the pickup.
We finally got finished loading just as the rain started to come down. We had quite the caravan – the big van pulling a trailer, the pickup pulling the livestock trailer, the car, and the mini van. The mini van only went as far as Aunt Becky’s (a two hour drive) where we stayed the night.
Coral decided to get stubborn when we finally were ready to load her. After much coaxing, and some enticing feed, she finally succumbed!
As I mentioned earlier, we decided to spend the night at Aunt Becky’s (which was two hours on our way) that night,
but Nathaniel (who drove the moving truck) decided to leave that afternoon.
A view of our caravan when we stopped to make sandwiches for lunch.
We had quite a few animals with us on the trip — the horse, two Scottie dogs, three of Frosty’s puppies and Frosty, and Pearl’s two calico cats.
Aunt Kezia met us in Effingham to pick up Andrea who had traveled out with us to stay and help Aunt Kezia for a couple weeks.
While we were traveling, Uncle Fain’s were over at our new place pulling the carpet out of the kitchen.
Time to unload!
Samuel took a couple aerial shot of our place with his drone.
Ezra took this picture one lovely evening.
We were blessed with a spacious two car garage that’s attached to the house. It was nice to have somewhere to store our belongings as we slowly but surely got our place settled.
Our first meal together around Uncle Fain’s family’s table.
Sunday morning worship at a small chapel nearby.
The former owner of our place graciously offered to plow our garden for us and then we were able to borrow this tractor to till it.
We were privileged to host Aunt Kezia’s family for supper during their short visit to MO.
Just a couple weeks after we moved, some of Uncle Fain’s family, Ezra and Pearl, and Andrea made a short trip back to PA to sell puppies and attend Erika’s (Nathaniel’s fiancee) bridal shower.
Erika’s family hosted a lovely surprise bridal shower.
Erika wearing the gift Natasha made for her.
Ezra’s purpose for going back to PA was to print and stuff the newsletters for Bro. Phil Geise (and family) who are missionaries in Africa. Cousins David, Gabe Jr., and Danny are helping him here.
Unfortunately, we had a flat on our way home, but thankfully we had two capable young men with us that quickly got it off and put the spare on! We are so grateful for the Lord’s protection over the many miles we have traveled in the past month!
We still had a “few” things that we had to leave behind in PA (for lack of room) that we were able to bring back with us on this trip.
Sunday evening, back in MO, fellow-shipping with family, and some new friends!
The mighty hunter shot the fox that had been eating their chickens!
A little plaque that sits on the counter at the Envita Clinic in AZ.
Uncle Fain’s hatched some eggs in their incubator!
The grandsons hauled and unloaded a bunch of wood for Grandpa Morley in honor of Father’s Day!
Picnic lunch after Sunday service.
Sunday evening fellowship in our new living room!

~Big thanks to Pearl for typing amd captioning this post~

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