Kari Rose #17

I think these sunglasses make me look pretty sharp!
Cheesy grin + sunglasses = Pretty Cool!
Looks like a serious conversation going on here….”Daddy, can we blow some bubbles?”
“Yay, I love bubbles!”
Puppies are my favorite!
Sweet kisses for the little puppy!
I love kitties too! (I’m not sure the feeling is mutual….)
“Shh…! Somebody’s sleeping!”
Isn’t my dell (traditional Mongolian clothing) from Sis. Beverly so cute?
Fun in the lawn with my cousin Susanna!
Morning snuggles with my baby brother are the best!
Practicing for camping!
I’m all set, with seat belt buckled, sunglasses and rain boots on, and my water bottle right handy!
Making sure Levi doesn’t fall down the crack!
I love cuddling/holding my baby brother!
Can you believe I’m 2 now!?!?
Time to open my presents!
Aunt Pearl made me this dress for my birthday!
I’m growing so fast, and since the dress was a little short, Mommy lengthened it for me.
It made me feel like a princess! ๐Ÿ™‚
Cousin Aaron and I got along great at Uncle Ezra’s graduation party.
He likes holding my hand! ๐Ÿ™‚

~Big thanks to Pearl for typing amd captioning this post~

1 comment on “Kari Rose #17

  1. Melissa J

    The pictures of your niece and nephew just warmed my heart. They are surely precious gifts from God!


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