September News

Ezra was in Pennsylvania half of the month of August, and most of September, to attend a 2-week Greek class and also to earn some money doing various driving jobs. He spent Labor Day with some of the Blowers’ clan. L to R: Aunt Becky, Great Aunt Faith and Great Uncle Dave.
Some of the young people and Dads enjoyed going to a small rodeo right here in our little town of Salem.
It was an enjoyable experience!
Uncle Craig took a group of young people to Silver Dollar City in Branson, MO.
We also visited the Bass Pro Shop in Springfield.
We got a bountiful harvest of peaches from our own trees.
We froze them…
…and made jam too!
Lunch time! As you can see, Frosty is always readily at hand at lunch time. ๐Ÿ™‚
Sunday dinner at Uncle Fain’s house.
Franklin Graham organized a prayer march for our country in Washington. Over 50,000 people showed up. Amaris was able to watch a lot of it. It was a very touching and special time. To watch the replay…
Tasha’s and Candace’s cat had kittens!
Tasha and Candace
Labor Day picnic
Candace spent some with time Aunt Kezia and her children in Illinois.
Candace busy making pumpkin rolls!
Pearl made a short trip to Pennsylvania with Uncle Fain and Aunt Regina to sell our Cockapoo puppies.
And Frosty went along too!
Pearl was delighted that her watermelons grew so well this year!
Stocking up on hay for the winter.
And stocking up on wood for the winter!
Laura Bradford (Aunt Joella’s youngest daughter) turned 8 on the 25th.
We waited to celebrate Ezra’s birthday till Pearl got home. He turned 24 on the 24th!
He got a new headlamp! (I don’t know if you can see it in the picture very well.)
It’s been getting chilly around here, so we have started firing up our fire place in the mornings. It’s so cozy!
Daddy’s latest project is building a whelping house for our upcoming litters of puppies. Check in next month to see the finished product.

~Big thanks to Pearl for typing and captioning this post~

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