Prayer for Samaritans Purse

Photo by Ezra Morley

Join Franklin Graham in prayer and fasting on October 25th for our country.

Samaritan’s purse opened at 28 bed emergency field hospital in the Bahamas on October 19th to help the hospital which is very overwhelmed with patients. The hospital has treated nearly 20 patients so far. Praise up healing would be granted to the patients and that the doctors and nurses would stay safe.

Pray for young runaway children from difficult situations in the republic of Congo who come to the Samaritan’s Purse Safe Haven program. Pray that they will find Christ and find faith and healing in Jesus Christ.

Samaritan’s Purse desperately needs volunteers to help cleaning up after the hurricane Laura in Louisiana. More than 3,700 families have requested help and Samaritan’s Purse has four active deployments in the state. Pray that there will be many volunteers to help.

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