Book Review– The Bishop’s Shadow

This is a book review for the book, The Bishop’s Shadow, by I. T. Thurston. The book is about a
little boy named Theodore Bryan, nicknamed Tode. He was a street boy who earned his living by
selling newspapers. Through different circumstances, Tode became friends with a little girl, Nan, and
her little brother who had no father and mother either, and he was able to help them.

Tode was a very bad boy, always stealing and lying. He first started trying to be good because of
Little Brother, which is what Nan’s little brother was called. Tode and Little Brother really bonded, but
Nan didn’t like that very much because Tode was such a bad boy. So, Tode started trying to be good.
Then one day, in a lonely moment outside of church, Tode heard a voice saying “Well my boy, aren’t
you coming in to church?” It was the Bishop. From that day on Tode was influenced deeply, and
through an accident, he became a resident of the Bishop’s home. He played deaf and dumb, sort of by
accident, until he was discovered by the secretary.

Tode decided to go away from the Bishop’s house, but eventually he was able to tell the Bishop how
he had lied and stolen and pretended to be deaf and dumb. The Bishop forgave him, and when Tode
saw the way the Bishop was, he decided he wanted to become the Bishop’s shadow. To be like the
Bishop wasn’t easy, of course, and he had many ups and downs. But, Tode changed dramatically, and
through Sunday School and his Sunday School teacher, he began to be called Theo instead of Tode,
because he really wanted his life to change.

It was Theo’s great longing to see the Bishop again, and he got to see him for one last time before
the Bishop passed away. In being the Bishop’s shadow, Theo carried bread, soup, and flowers into the
poor tenement houses around him. Through much hard work, he was able to move up in life just a little
bit. He determined to help everyone he could.

This story is a very moving and heartwarming story, and at times heart wrenching. I hope this little
peek helps encourage you to find the book, read it, and enjoy it as much as I do!

The Bishop was Philips Brooks.

This post was typed and edited by Bethany Griggs.

Photos taken by James Staddon. To learn more about him and his photography please visit

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