October News

Working on the whelping house!
Some of the boards on our deck rotted, so we had to replace them with good boards.
Cutting wood for the winter!
Celebrating Tasha’s birthday on October 3rd. Here we are fixing to play a game of Code Names.
They prepared a delicious meal of “tortas”, the Mexican version of subs — soo delicious! And vanilla ice cream and brownies for dessert!
Uncle Fain’s family’s newest piece of equipment!
Some new friends, the Mosley’s, invited the young people over for an evening of food, fellowship, games, and a “hay” ride!
Uncle Craig’s family got to participate in a Trump parade in the nearby town of Rolla.
Time to install the wood stove!
And here’s Uncle Fain’s wood stove.
Jed and Rosalie and family came to visit for a few days!
This little guy is getting to be a big guy!
Some new duckies at the Fain Morley family farm!
Pearl opening the many letters (and donations) from the kind people that responded to Amaris’ prayer need in the Samaritan’s Ministries Newsletter.
Then when Pearl left to PA for a couple weeks, Natasha and Candace came over to help open and read the letters (to Amaris).
Grandpa and Grandma Morley have a pear tree that yielded a bountiful harvest!
Lots of work to can all those pears!
The results of their labor!
Finishing up the letters to send along with each Life Line gift box.
Jed’s first buck of this hunting season!
Pumpkin rolls for sale!
Uncle Fain built this cute little roadside stand for Candace’s baking business.
Pearl flew to PA on October 9th to help Aunt Becky for 2 1/2 weeks after her shoulder surgery. She sent this particular picture to the family because we used to fly with Korean Air when we flew to Mongolia.
Pearl enjoyed being with and helping Aunt Becky and getting to see and spend time with different friends and relatives in PA that she hadn’t seen for a while. She isn’t known for taking a lot of pictures, so hence the lack of pictures from her trip….:)
Candace making tortillas!
The newest member of our family/farm — a Scottish Terrier puppy from OH that Dad was able to pick up on one of his Amish runs back East.
Candace’s puppy, Cecily, loves to be held!
We had 6 beautiful and healthy Scottie-poos born on October 27th. Thank the Lord for healthy puppies after a false pregnancy and then a miscarriage with another one of our mama dogs.
Apple schnitz (dried apple pieces) made from the apples off of Uncle Fain’s tree.

~Big thanks to Pearl for typing and captioning this post~

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