40 Day Prayer Challenge — Day 6

From Christian Aid Ministries billboard ministry:

Billboard Location: Connecticut ~ Message: Unknown
Kenny* said he was raised Jehovah’s Witness but eventually left that. “I am searching for the truth about God,” he said. Our team member shared the Gospel message after which Kenny asked what it means to repent. After a good conversation Kenny agreed to receive literature, read the Gospel of Matthew, and keep in contact with our team member. Pray that, as Kenny reads the Scriptures, he will find his Redeemer in Jesus and become born again.   

Billboard Location: Stone Mountain, Georgia ~ Message: Losing Faith in God?
Alice* is 37 years old and identified herself as a wayward Christian. She says she is losing faith in herself and the life she is living. She has been giving her life to men and wants to stop. There are children from past relationships and she is struggling to keep their respect. Alice wants God to fix her life but our phone team member reminded her of her responsibility. In her second call she said, “I really want to change.” Her prayer of repentance was honest and sincere. One of our lady mentors has agreed to be available and Alice is excited about a new start for her life. Pray for Alice.

*Names changed for privacy reasons

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The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much. James 5:16b

Post written by Rose Lucas
Edited by Pearl Morley

Photo taken by James Staddon. To learn more about him and his photography please visit www.lenspiration.com.

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