40 Day Prayer Challenge — Day 38

Pray for the poor and hungry. Pray that not only their physical hunger would be met, but their spiritual hunger.

CAM says:

The covid pandemic has affected millions of people around the globe, especially the poor. It has shattered their lives, causing many to nearly lose hope. .

“I’m willing to sleep hungry, but what about my children? My heart aches when they cry for food and are forced to sleep on an empty stomach. My husband doesn’t support me financially but instead comes home drunk.” When Aadhya received a month’s supply of food, she could hardly contain her joy as she profusely thanked the people who sent it. “Not many people heed the stories of the poor,” Aadhya said.

Post written by: Rose Lucas
Edited by: Pearl Morley
Photo credit: James Staddon (To learn more about him and his photography please visit www.lenspiration.com.)

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