February 2022

We finally got snow!
And of course somebody got stuck and needed pulled out.
Some of the young men took a trip down the river. Thankfully no one was dunked and they came home safely.
They did some exploring as well.
Kari making snow angels.
So much fun sledding with Daddy.
Even little Tanner got to be in on the fun.
Little Levi in his snow fort.
Candace is expanding her Etsy shop to include this adorable little girl skirts!.
Tasha has some cute little puppies for sale.

Some excerpts from Aunt Regina from their time in KY —
“Right when we were feeling discouraged and thinking maybe we made breakfast for nothing, we began having people trickle in and have served 10 meals and 9 coffees! (all while David labored at drawing a poster to set out about โ€œbreakfastโ€). Now weโ€™re hesitant to set it out because are afraid we donโ€™t have enough breakfast for very many more.”
Got to feed breakfast to an ambulance driver who had been on a 24 hour work shift, stopped in for a coffee but was very happy to receive a hot breakfast! Also gave meals to a small crew of Amish guys.

Pearl’s 21st birthday party with the girls. I was able to watch via webcam till my bedtime.
Mexican food and banana splits.
Little Tanner is such a happy baby.
Levi gives us so many laughs. He’s such a sweet boy.
The week.. leading up to Valentine’s and then Valentine’s Day is extremely busy for the flower shop where Pearl works. This is the flower cooler!
Lots and lots of bouquets ready to go out!
They love the Dr. Seuss books to be read to them!
Sunday afternoon/evening walk in the snow!
Boys and their toys.

We really enjoyed having the Griggs family come to visit for a couple of days! They were such a blessing and helped us with a number of different things in regards to LifeLine Gifts.

The guys built shelves for our Lifeline Gift shed!
Then everybody helped organize and count inventory.
It looks so much better now! Ready to start off the new season right. New things coming soon in an update from LLG!
The girls helped count some of the inventory.
And the ladies tied 14 quilts!
Bethany helped brush my hair one morning.
Aaron put little Tanner to sleep.
The dogs loved Br. Griggs!
L to R: Candace, Hannah Griggs, and Pearl
Daddy took an Amish run and was near Crystal’s apartment so he stopped in and had lunch with her.
The wind took Daddy’s greenhouse cover off.
The guys got it all put back together!

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