2019 Mexico Trip #1

The 2019 Mexico trip involved 9 of my family members and I have the privilege to report on the trip even though I couldn’t be there. I hope that you enjoy joining me on the journey. They were in charge of 2 VBS and also providing the special music for 10 nights at the camp meeting. They took bells along and also used guitars, violin and organ.

Candace and Aunt Regina especially worked the hardest on preparing the most for the VBS. Crafts, song sheets, prizes, snacks, and everything else that goes into a VBS.

Lots of preparation goes into each day.

Uncle Fain is a tremendous help. He can draw and has very nice handwriting.

The guys being goofy as usual.:)

The theme this year was the Salvation Train. Each child had a ticket and passport and had to have it to be able to get in. Just like we have to be saved to get into Heaven.

The little ticket booth that was at the door to receive all the children as they came in. The ticket master (David) checked to make sure each one had their passport and ticket.

The line of children waiting to get through the ticket line!

Each Bible story each day was acted out by our young people silently while the the story was being told. I have no idea what these guys were doing.:)

Acting out Noah and the ark.

Moses and Pharaoh.

Full church of children!

Pearl leading the singing. They made all of their own illustrated song sheets.

Sunday end of VBS service in the tabernacle. They sing songs, and recite scripture that they learn.

The story of the crossing of the Red Sea was one day so they made these corresponding snacks for that day.

Another missionary family was there to be the evangelists so their children joined right in. They know fluent Spanish so they were very helpful with the VBS.

Keep an eye out for part 2!

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  1. Marcile Leinbach

    I love reading your blog posts! It’s so interesting to be able to get a glimpse into other people’s lives! God bless as your serve and glorify him right where you are!


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