Get to Know Me #2

What kind of nature photographs do you like best (i.e snowflakes, landscape, waterfalls, etc)?

That is a difficult one to answer. I would have to say probably landscape especially with mountains. Another favorite is farms, barns or ranches. Another one would be horses or any animals I suppose. I am a big fan of the west.

What are you learning right now?

  • Another really hard question. I am learning so much during this time of inactivity. I am currently learning true contentment. God is helping me learn the lessons of life that I need to be learning. He is very faithful to me. There is such a peace when we are truly content with what God has planned for us. It may be very different from what we thought our life would be but God is in control. There is a tremendous weight lifted off your heart when you truly change an attitude towards something. I found this to be so true. God has helped me change my attitude and mental state. Does this mean I never am discouraged? Does this mean my body feels well? No, but it means there is a burden lifted and a peace that can only come through Jesus.

Do you like spicy food?

  • Yes, I love spicy food. I can tolerate pretty spicy food. I put hot sauce on most foods or cayenne pepper. I like making Chinese food or eating real authentic spicy Chinese food.

What are a few things you would want to teach your children?

  • I really want my children to grow up on the mission field. I learned so much growing up in a foreign land. I think there is something so valuable about learning another language, eating different food and immersing yourself into another culture.
  • I want to teach my children unwavering obedience. So many times we don’t enforce what we say and so the child soon learns that he/she can get around it. Teaching them trust and principles of the heart.
  • I want my children to be able to come to me freely. I want to be extremely approachable. I don’t want them to be afraid to come to me with joys or sorrows or wrongs. They should know I am here to help them. Sometimes that might mean punishment but I want them to learn to voluntarily come if they have done something wrong.
  • I want to start even before they are born to hear me singing, quoting scripture and reading out loud the Bible and good books. I want to instill them with music and scriptures. One way I heard that you can do that is to hang above the changing table either a song or passage of Scripture and repeat it every time you change them. And they will be able to sing or quote that passage at a young age.
  • I want to teach them to love reading the Bible and good books. I want to ask them often what they read and what they learned as a way of reinforcing it.
  • Please don’t get me started on this subject. I can’t stop. I think I will dedicate a future post solely to this subject. And of course this is all with my future husbands help and my heavenly Father. I love children and this is a subject that I think about many times.

Photos by Ezra Morley

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