July News

Enjoying some iced coffee on a trip back from PA.
A girl’s tea part in honor of Elisabeth’s (Aunt Kezia’s oldest) birthday. The older girls helped make fancy hats for the younger girls.
It was fun having Andrea on the far right (Uncle Gabriel’s oldest) here in MO for a short visit. She was helping Aunt Kezia’s family for a couple weeks in IL, and traveled out with Aunt Kezia’s to MO.
Moving the piano into our house.
Mommy’s beautiful plants adorning our front porch rail.
Here’s Samuel sanding down the kitchen table that was given to us. (Daddy and Ezra also spend extensive hours sanding.)
Here it is, nicely varnished and sitting in our new dining room.
Ezra and Samuel installing our Amish clothesline off the back deck/porch.
Candace stayed in a PA for a day (after the bridal shower for Erika) and was able to spend some time with Uncle Gabriel’s girls and also Wyatt, who she used to babysit.
Then the next day she flew from PA to Arizona to be with Amaris for several days.
Putting up the flag!
July 4th parade in our little town of Salem.
After the parade, we headed to Uncle Fain’s place for a picnic.
Grandma Morley holding a sign some of Uncle Craig’s children had made for the parade.
Delicious and bountiful array of food — hotdogs and hamburgers and fixings, roasted sweet corn, potato salad, baked beans, star-shaped watermelon, and dessert (see below). And homemade ice cream not pictured. ๐Ÿ™‚
The lovely patriotic dessert Tasha made.
Patriotic cousins! L to R: Pearl, Susanna, Tasha
After a lovely picnic, fellowship, and shooting guns, we finished off the evening by attending a splendid firework display in town.
Jed and Rosalie’s family at Rosalie’s brother’s wedding.
David enjoying a beautiful Sunday afternoon on their hammock.
Candace purchased a Maltese puppy from our last litter, and named her Cecily. As you can see, she is quite the mischievous little puppy!
Ezra captured this stunning shot right out our back door. This bald eagle was perched on a tree right by the pond in our front yard.
We’ve been going through some old pictures lately. This is a picture of some of the original Morleys — L to R: Dorcas, Fain, Anna, and Elon. Aren’t they cute?! ๐Ÿ™‚
This is Lydia (Aunt Kezia’s second to oldest daugher) and Laura (Aunt Joella’s youngest daughter) when they were just babies. They are both almost 8 now, only 3 months apart.
Sam and Annette (Aunt Dorcas’ oldest daughter) and family came to MO, especially to visit Grandpa and Grandma.
Bell practice for Nathaniel and Erika’s wedding.
Coral and Pearl
David loves to tickle people’s feet…here he got a hold of Ezra’s!
Laura Bradford out in their bountiful garden patch!
Ezra and Samuel made a special trip to PA for Samuel to purchase a mower for their lawn mowing business.
A caption Daddy put on our maxi van.
The St. Louis Arch is always a beautiful sight! Seems like we sojourn past it a lot these days!
Nathaniel and Erika at the church for rehearsal. Stay tuned for pictures of their wedding!

~Big thanks to Pearl for typing and captioning this post~

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