August News

Creating bouquets for the bridesmaids and bride, the evening before the wedding.
Decorating the church….
… and rehearsal!

August 1st – the day of Nathaniel and Erika’s wedding!

Members from the Elon and Fain Morley families and members of the Craig Bradford family played
“The Prayer” on the bells for wedding prelude music.
A view from the pianist’s (Aunt Joella) bench.
Daddy was asked to sing two songs in the ceremony. (This particular song was during the lighting of the unity candle.)
The extended Morley family that was present.
The complete Fain Morley family!
Bridal party L to R: Candace Morley (sister of the groom), Kirsten (cousin of the bride), Emily Clevenger (friend of the bride), Laura Bradford (flower girl, cousin of the groom), Erika (bride(, Nathaniel (groom), Brynn Morley (Bible bearer, cousin of the groom), Peter Barth (cousin of the groom), David Morley (brother of the groom), and Sam Johnson (friend of the groom and married to cousin of the groom)
Amaris wasn’t able to make the long trip to PA for the wedding and Mommy stayed back with her. They were able to enjoy the wedding via live-stream.
The guys “beautifully” decorated the get-away car with sticky notes!
After the wedding, all the guest were given take-away plates full of delicious food in lieu of a reception dinner.
The Morley and Burch relatives gathered at a picnic pavilion to enjoy the food and fellowship.
4 of the 5 Morley cousins born in the year 2000 that were present at the wedding. L to R: David Morley, Andrea Morley, Kenny Miller, and Susanna Bradford
Candace enjoyed a visit with Easton (who she used to babysit) and his parents while they were in Pennsylvania.
And also Wyatt.
Some beautiful creatures around our place!
Adventures at Elephants Rock State Park. (here in MO.)
The former owners of our place came for a visit and gifted us with some fresh produce from their garden — okra and tomatoes!
Sunday morning gathering at Uncle Craig’s place.
Daddy and Ezra built these nice shelves to store our stuff that’s been sitting in the garage since we moved.
We got this fridge for free. Before…
….and after! Daddy used the pressure washer on it.
Our dogs are best friends!
And the cat doesn’t seem to mind the dogs’ company….at least when they’re sleeping! ๐Ÿ™‚
Our corn patch yielded a pretty good harvest!
Some of Uncle Fain’s family kindly came over to help us freeze corn.
We got 36 quarts total (from 2 different pickings). We also were able to enjoy some fresh corn-on-the-cob!
Jed and Rosalie traveled up from West Virginia to join us cousins on our camping trip to CO. (Posts coming soon!)
Baby Levi is growing fast!
Here’s a cute little tent Mommy found at a yard sale for Kari. She loves camping! ๐Ÿ™‚
Cecily’s (Candace’s new puppy) first haircut.
And the after pictures!
Candace turned 25 on the 25th of August.
Opening gifts.
A beautiful bouquet from cousin Susanna and a cute sign from Mommy.
Sunday afternoon walk

~Big thanks to Pearl for typing and captioning this post~

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