April News

Spring has arrived!

Mommy bought this for me (Amaris) with some of the birthday money I received!
Easter Sunrise service at Uncle Craig’s Jadwin house with lots of music! So thankful we serve a risen Savior!

Cinnamon rolls and coffee cake afterwards!
Candace, Tasha, Ezra, and Pearl sang with a choir/orchestra in PA that we’ve sung in since 2016.
They had rehearsals Thursday evening, Friday, and Saturday, and then programs Saturday and Sunday night.
Hundreds of people attended!
We were the three short girls in the choir, so we had to get a picture together! ๐Ÿ™‚
Aunt Becky came down for the Saturday evening program and took them out to ice cream afterwards!
I was able to watch the livestream both nights. It was beautiful!
Nathaniel and Erika kindly hosted them at their place for several nights (and days)!
Enjoying ice cream from Amy’s Frosty Freeze there in our old hometown of Mifflinburg!
All the girl cousins went to a local coffee shop one morning while they were there!
A walk in the sunshine with cousins (and a friend)!
Candace got to see Easton (the boy she used to babysit) while she was in PA.
They stopped in Illinois for a short overnight visit at Aunt Kezia’s on their way home. Here is David’s German Shepherd, Kaya, posing in a field behind their place!
Little Levi loves riding and being pushed around in his Tonka truck!
Planting strawberries!
We climbed to the top of a fire tower one Sunday afternoon!

Sunday afternoon walks in the sunshine — Laura and Kari!
Moving Grandpa and Grandma’s bedroom from one room to another!

We had some snow and Coral decided to join Candace on a walk.

Here are some before and after pictures of a few of the rooms in Jed and Rosalie’s new place.

Kitchen — before.
Lots of work went into their place before they could move in!
Children’s’ room — before.
And after!
Bathroom — before
And after!
The girls took turns babysitting the children while Rosalie and Jed worked on the house!

Captions by Amaris (and Pearl)

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