January 2022

Ezra’s recent snowflake photography.
Jed’s dog had 3 puppies. Kari loves them and asks to see them every time they come to Grandpa’s house.
Little Tanner was born in December.
Helping burp the baby.
Daddy fell asleep.
Between Pearl and Candace they have good babysitters.
Now a family of 5.
Uncle Fain’s Coffee Bus is occasionally being used down in Kentucky where the tornadoes went through. They usually serve coffee, homemade baked goods and breakfast and supper.
A family they met from Texas.
Daddy did a lot of leaf burning around our homestead.
Some of the girls went to visit family and went to see old places they lived.
Ezra worked hard on the 2022 family calendar.
Making cherry cinnamon rolls with the children.
The electric company came to trim branches away from the electric wires.
Finally had a few colds days that froze the ponds.
Splitting lots of wood for the cold snap.
The Barths were here for a short visit and everyone took a walk on Sunday.

From now on I hope to do 2 blog posts a month. Its one of my goals and although it takes me a long time to get one done I hope they can be a blessing. Update on my health coming soon. Thank you for your prayers and support. They mean so much to me.

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