April 2022

Kari and Levi love helping Grandpa gather the eggs!
Samuel has been hatching some chicks and baby quail.
One Sunday afternoon a group of us went to a care home about 25 min. away to sing with and for the people there!
Kari was very intrigued with Susanna’s little harp. ๐Ÿ™‚
The girls came over with balloons, party hats, and gifts to help celebrate my birthday. We also enjoyed some yummy cookies and ice cream!
Tanner is such a happy little boy!
A sweet group of ladies that received some of our Lifeline Layettes for their Pregnancy Center!
Carrot cupcakes for Easter Sunday dinner!
A group of us had the privilege to participate in the Midwest March for Life in Jefferson City.
Here we are posing in front of the Missouri Capital building.
Before the actual march, we went inside the Capital to hear a number of different speakers. Abby Johnson (author of the book Unplanned and former Planned Parenthood director) was one of the speakers and gave a very though-provoking and inspiring speech. That was quite the experience getting to see her in real life and have our copy of Unplanned signed by her!
This kind older gentleman held Levi on his lap during one of the speeches.

It was such an awesome experience getting to march with a large group that all stood for LIFE!

The boys gathered all these morel mushrooms on their Sunday afternoon walk and then we fried them up and enjoyed eating them that evening.
Microgreens growing in Daddy’s greenhouse.
Jed keeps busy with all sorts of excavating jobs!
Here he is digging a storm shelter/root cellar at Uncle Fain’s place.
We were surprised with a light skiff of snow!
Jed is building his own greenhouse and Ezra has been helping him a lot with the project.
It’s really coming together!

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