May 2022

Kari turned 4 on May 3rd!
Lots of new life on the farm!
Jed’s new ride for going back and forth to work!
Aunt Regina and her children on Mother’s Day Sunday.
Jed and his little buddy surveying the land. ๐Ÿ™‚
Their view from the roof!
It’s strawberry season in Missouri!
Nothing can beat a fresh-picked strawberry!
David has been selling lots of strawberries from his large patch!
Ezra got pictures of the 2022 Lunar eclipse.
Jed is digging a storm shelter/root cellar for us.
Sunday afternoons can get sleepy…:)
We attended the wedding of our cousin Kenny (Aunt Iva’s and Uncle Kenn’s son) to a lovely young lady, Morgan, from Pennsylvania.
Ezra was the photographer and David was a groomsman.
The extended Morley family that was in attendance!
The Kenn Miller family
Sunday afternoon walk with all the cousins!
Pearl and cousin Rose
Lunch on the road on our way home from the wedding!
Uncle Fain’s beautiful garden.
This month, Jed and Rosalie celebrated 5 years of married life!
We love babysitting the kiddos!
Already stocking up with wood for the winter!
A fun kayaking trip down the Current River on Memorial Day!
The group that went kayaking! (minus Uncle Craig who was taking the picture)
Afterwards we enjoyed a lovely picnic with family and friends.
And volleyball!
Lots of happy smiles from baby Tanner!

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